6 Female Chefs Who Are Killing It in the Hudson Valley Food Scene Right Now

These leading ladies aren’t afraid to push boundaries to do what feels right and tastes great.

When Jennifer Abelton and Mark Palmieri opened The Helm in Greenwood Lake back in 2015, they brought a farm-to-table dining experience to a relatively untouched corner of Orange County. Fast-forward two years, and The Helm earned a coveted Best of Hudson Valley Award for Best Restaurant in Orange County. Now solidly ensconced in the region’s food community, The Helm, with Abelton in the kitchen, delights visiting diners with curated temptations like house IPA cheese fondue, 12-hour coffee-rubbed brisket, and, on Sundays, a Wake Up Poutine with maple-fried eggs and the restaurant’s special sauce.

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Lauren ReedThe Helm